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Conor Maynard reveals shock at hearing YouTube covers of his own song

Conor Maynard has revealed he found it ‘strange’ when he first discovered singers covering his hit single, 'Can’t Say No,' on YouTube.

The 19-year-old, who racked up several million views on the video-sharing site with his renditions of songs by the likes of Justin Timberlake and Drake before being signed, told First News that he never expected to inspire other wannabe stars to do the same:

“The first time I saw some, it was so strange. I was really impressed with one girl, actually. She really switched it up. This girl, she really took it away from the original and did her own thing. It was really cool, so I tweeted that one out! 

“A lot of interviews I’ve done they ask what advice I’d give to someone who wants to get noticed on YouTube and I always say to really switch it up and change the lyrics or melody to make it your own song.”

The Brighton singer, who reached number two with the track in the UK last week, also revealed that his mother wasn’t always so pleased with the way in which he found fame:

“My room is an absolute dump and my mum wasn’t so happy that people were seeing it. I used to do videos, some of which had a million views, and my mum would get really angry with me because I’d uploaded it, as you can see dirty laundry and my bed wasn’t made. She didn’t like them because she said her house looks like a mess!” 




Watch Conor Maynard's cover of Justin Timberlake's 'Senorita' below: