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Marina and the Diamonds doesn't "get" One Direction

Marina and the Diamonds has conceded that she doesn't "get" One Direction.

One Direction are one of the biggest names in pop at the moment, proving to be a global success since their X Factor departure in 2010.

However, Marina and the Diamonds told Digital Spy that she doesn't like them - citing the overuse of major chords as a possible reason why. She said:

"I'm afraid not! I live in a weird bubble where some stuff just doesn't touch me at all, even though they're massive. Maybe I have a cold, black heart or something. It might be that I don't like major chords in songs - I like menacing minor chords. I love Selena Gomez - she's got loads of them." 

She also commented on fellow popstar Carly Rae Jepsen and her track 'Call Me Maybe', adding: "For once, I don't get why something is so huge. I love the video, though."




Watch Marina and the Diamonds speak about her new album below: