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Rita Ora on becoming a singer: 'I never had a plan b to fall back on'

'R.I.P.' rising star Rita Ora has revealed that she never had a "plan b" to fall back on if singing hadn't taken off for her.

The hitmaker explained that her defining moment came at just 8-years-old when she performed a solo at the Royal Albert Hall in London and she simply never looked back:

"There's no one in my family who's ever even wanted to do this. When I was six, I joined the choir and fell in love with singing. We sang at the Royal Albert Hall, two years later and I was given a solo. I remember so clearly the feeling of standing there and just thinking, 'This is what I'm going to do'."

"From then on, that was it. I'd play every record in the house, from Celine Dion to Eric Clapton. I just wanted to be a singer. There was never a Plan B."

21-year-old Ora, who is signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label added to Grazia magazine that she was flown out to the USA to an industry party and came face-to-face with the '99 Problems' star before she had a chance to get changed or put on any make up:

"I arrived at New York airport wearing an old Run DMC T-shirt and leggings and was taken straight to the Roc Nation Christmas party, wheeling my suitcase."




"I'd just come off the flight, hadn't slept and had barely any make-up on, Standing up in front of all these people, a big crowd parted, and there I was, face-to-face with Jay-Z. I was so scared I thought I might throw up. But he just gave me this massive grin."

Watch her music video for 'Hot Right Now' below: