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Adam Lambert talks 'Trespassing', Justin Bieber and writing about very personal experiences

Following the streaming of his new album 'Trespassing', hitmaker Adam Lambert took to social networking site Twitter for an exciting question and answer session with his 1.4 million followers.

When asked by a fan if his song 'Chokehold' was written from his own personal experience of relationships, Lambert revealed:

"it was written about a few past relationships. had a tendency of getting involved w emotionally manipulative and unavail guys. after much heartache, I realized this was MY issue, not theirs. I was subconsciously inviting that in cuz of low self worth."

Lambert explained that his favourite track to record on 'Trespassing' was 'Shady' and he explained that it was an honour to work with both Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers: "Shady was fun. Sam is hilarious. Nile is a class act. A legend."

He also spoke briefly about other male artists and admitted that he likes teen sensation Justin Bieber's new single, 'Boyfriend': "I Really like the "Boyfriend" single. Great tune, great vocal vibe. Hats off to a talented artist. ;)"




Last week, he shot the music video for 'Never Close Our Eyes' and confirmed tonight (May 8) that a release date hasn't yet been set for the final edit because he is making sure it's perfect:

"It will be out when I think it's ready! Lol. Gotta be great. For all of you. #NCOE"

Watch his performance of 'Never Close Our Eyes' from a live appearance back in March here: