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Girl reveals shock at Rihanna tweet after red hair dye school suspension

A Welsh teenager has admitted her surprise after Rihanna voiced her support for her following a school suspension for dying her hair red.

15-year-old Terri Bancroft got into trouble with her school after undergoing a Rihanna-esque makeover.

The global star tweeted her support to Bancroft earlier this week (May 4), posting a photo of her and saying:

"U are my hero Terry Bancroft!!!!! The color of your hair doesn't change who u are, you are an A- grade student #1love."

Speaking to the Daily Express, Bancroft said that she was taken aback by the tweet, and said that she is a massive Rihanna fan. She said:

"I was surprised. I'm not sure how Rihanna found about me. My friends have been making jokes about how I'm her idol. It was weird because she is so famous and she knew that I existed. It was really nice for her to show her support and it meant the world to me. I am a big Rihanna fan and I love all her songs."




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