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Coldplay release 'Princess Of China' video concept artwork

Coldplay have teased yet more concept sketches from their upcoming music video for 'Princess Of China', which also features Bajan superstar Rihanna.

Yesterday (May 9), the 'Fix You' hitmakers shared a picture from the video and they have returned to social networking site Twitter this evening (May 10) to unveil more exciting images.

They provided fans with a link to a slideshow, which displays hand-drawn scenes from the highly-anticipated offering, and it includes 3 different pictures.

One is of a woman's hand with long pointed fingernails lighting a candle, the second image shows a king sat on a throne throwing what look like coins at a person stood at his feet, and the third is even more dramatic as it details 3 people laying face down with swords in their backs as fire swirls around them.



Coldplay are yet to confirm a release date for the 'Princess Of China' music video, but they recently teased a sneak preview of it at a concert in Canada and you can watch it below: