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Conor Maynard says he will never forget his friends

Rising star Conor Maynard says he will never forget his friends, despite how famous he may become.

Maynard has been dubbed the 'British Justin Bieber' as his stock continues to rise in the 19-year-old's homeland.

He told the Daily Star however that he won't forget his friends as his fame grows - suggesting that he wants to take them all out on holiday to celebrate. He said:

"I'm going to see my friends less and less because of work. But I wont ever forget them. In one of Drake's songs he talks about taking his friends on a massive holiday and paying for it all. I can imagine doing that, taking my friends away on holiday as a thank you for being so patient while I was so busy doing the pop thing."

However, it seems like Maynard wouldn't be partying too much. He said:

"I try to party but I like to sleep more. That's my down time – literally on the floor asleep."




Watch the video for Maynard's 'Can't Say No' below: