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Usher admits Justin Bieber keeps him on his toes

Usher has revealed how his friendship and working relationship with Justin Bieber keeps him on his toes.

The R&B superstar, who helped to discover the ‘Boyfriend’ singer back in 2007, told Billboard Magazine that he has learned a lot from having a younger protégé around:

“He always makes me feel like I'm old! Anytime he comes around me, he's messing with me about my phone, or how slow I type. I love it, though. He keeps me on my feet.

“The one thing I do see in him is the passion and the determination to really tell an incredible story and articulate himself as an artist.”

The 33-year-old, who recently premiered the second single, ‘Scream,’ from his upcoming seventh album, ‘Looking 4 Myself,’ also claimed that he will always have a connection with the Canadian teen idol:  

“Whether Justin is up or down, I want to be that person who he knows will be around for him no matter what

“All great things in life happen because of a family structure, in some way—this is a dynasty, a movement, a magic that will be successful because we both love what we do and share that bond. We started that way, and it's been that way to this day; that can't be replaced.”




Watch the video for Justin Bieber and Usher collaboration, 'Somebody To Love,' below: