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Jessie J criticises the media for printing "untrue stories"

Jessie J took aim at the tabloid media as she launched Britain's Music is GREAT week today (May 14).

The singer joined Spice Girl Melanie C at the Oxford Street HMV in London to mark the launch of the Music is GREAT week, which will see a charity DVD of British music released along with polls and discussions on music too.

Whilst on stage at the launch, Jessie J took time to take a swipe at some sections of the media for reporting "untrue stories". She said:

"Now some of you may know, or you may not, but for the first time in the last few weeks, I've definitely heard the most negative stuff in the last few years and through my career, and it's hard and it's weird when you open a newspaper or a magazine and you read something that is just so untrue and people believe it!"

She continued: "I play my music and I write songs about it because that's how I put out my emotions. I won't stoop to anyone's low level, making up stories about people I've never met. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you so much  - whether you have come down on you lunch break or whether you have travelled from afar, or you have just come along now because there's a big crowd and all of the tills are closed!"

Watch Jessie J's 'Laserlight' below: