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Justin Bieber has "it", says 50 Cent

50 Cent has spoken out in praise of Justin Bieber's charm, stating that he has "got that thing" for the younger generation.

The rapper was speaking to MTV News about a recent boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto that Bieber attended.

He said that Mayweather's daughter Yaya had the hots for Bieber - and 50 Cent can understand why, it seems. He said:

"Floyd's daughter, Yaya, she saw half the fight, the other half she was looking at Bieber. He just got that thing for the younger generation, too - he's it."

50 Cent meanwhile added that Bieber is a bona fide boxing fan and didn't just attend the bout for publicity. He said:

"Justin is also a Floyd fan. They love the sport. A lot of people like it and haven't actually made contact or received anything to make them feel like it was cool or comfortable enough for them to come. When it actually happens and it goes down like that, it feels good. When they get a chance to see different genres, different people, everybody's excited."




Watch Bieber turn on the charm in his 'Boyfriend' video below: