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Michael Jackson’s Bad to be reissued

Michael Jackson’s 1987 album, 'Bad,' is to be reissued later this year to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The King of Pop’s seventh solo studio effort will be re-released as 'Bad25' on September 17, and will include a remastered edition of the original, a collection of outtakes and demos, and a DVD of his 1988 Wembley Stadium performance.

Co-Executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson, John Brance & John McClain, said in a statement that they believed the iconic record, which has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, was one of the most important of the late star’s career:

"The era of Bad represented Michael's creative 'coming of age' as a solo artist in charge of every aspect of his career - from recording to touring to endorsements to merchandising.

"This was the first album on which nearly all of the songs were written by Michael. It was also the first album in history to produce five consecutive number one singles and it took two-and-a-half decades for another artist to match that success. 

"It was also the first time Michael would tour as a solo artist - his vision, his decisions on what the show would be."




Watch the video for Bad's classic title track below: