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Rebecca Ferguson insists she’s not interested in becoming a diva

Rebecca Ferguson has revealed that she’s not interested in becoming a diva.

The 2010 X-Factor runner-up, who earlier this month performed on Britain’s Got Talent despite a broken leg, told Q magazine that she’s often asked by her behind-the-scenes team to become more 'rock ‘n’ roll':

“I have been told to be a bit more of a diva and more rock and roll but I just like sitting in watching The Kardashians.

“I’ve even had label people say it. “Oh Bec, you need to be more of a diva!” And I’m like, ‘Really, what do you want me to do?’”

The 25-year-old, who recently declared her ambitions to follow in the footsteps of her series finalists’ One Direction, by cracking America, went onto admit that she has no desire to gain a reputation as a troublemaker:

“I like living good. I mean, I’ve got faults, but as for doing illegal stuff, jail doesn’t interest me.

“I’ve never been arrested! I’m petrified of being arrested. I never do nothing wrong or illegal so if I ever got arrested, it would be quite funny because I wouldn’t have done anything.

“The most you’re going to get on me is that I’ve danced on a table. But you open the papers every day and there’s someone dancing on a table.” 




Watch the video for Rebecca Ferguson's 'Glitter and Gold' below: