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Paris Jackson claims MTV is rigging One Direction VMA win

Paris Jackson has claimed that MTV bosses are rigging it for One Direction to win at this year’s Video Music Awards.

The King of Pop’s daughter announced in a post on Twitter last night that she was voting for Justin Bieber to give the Canadian teen idol a chance in the Most Share-Worthy Award category:

"Im (sic) voting for justin... there's no way Mtv isn't rigging it for 1D."

However, following her tweet, she was bombarded with messages from angry fans of the 'One Thing' stars, to which she replied:

"Ohmygod guys i like one direction jeez just because i didn't vote for them doesn't mean i hate them wtf (what the f**k) (sic)."

"i really do respect the directioner's (fans') loyalty to 1D & also the belieber's loyalty to justin... but is it really worth fightin over!? lmao (laugh my a** off)."




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