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Adam Ant: 'I told Michael Jackson to f**k off'

Glam-rocker Adam Ant has opened up about his relationship with the late Michael Jackson and revealed that he once told him to "f**k off" during a phone call.

In a new interview with the NME, Ant explained that the King of Pop once rang him at an unsociable hour and he didn't believe it was him:

"I was touring 'Kings Of The Wild Frontier' and I got this call at about 5.30 in the morning saying 'Hi, this is Michael Jackson'. I just thought it was my drummer Chris, so I told him to f**k off and put the phone down."

The singer continued: "He rang back again and I put the phone down again, then Quincy Jones called me and said 'This is Michael calling'. They were doing 'Thriller' and he asked me how I got the drum sound on 'Kings Of The Wild Frontier'. I told him to speak to our drummer."

Ant also joked that Jackson once enquired about the iconic military jacket that he famously wears on the cover of the albums 'Kings of the Wild Frontier' and 'Prince Charming', adding: "And then I got another call to ask where I got the jacket, so I told him and he went there and got it copied."

"I got invited over to LA and I went to his family home, because he was still living with his mum and dad. All his brothers and sisters were there and I just spent the day walking round the house with all the snakes and llamas. I actually followed him onstage right after he did the moonwalk for the first time."




Watch Adam Ant's video for 'Wonderful' below: