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Pink: ‘I haven’t lost my edge’

Pink has dismissed any talk of her losing her edge since having a baby.

The US pop singer, who this week has unveiled several tracks from her forthcoming album, 'The Truth About Love,' told the Daily Star that giving birth to daughter Willow last year hasn’t changed her as a person:

“I haven’t lost my edge. Having a baby doesn’t change your attitude.

“The new album is about love but aren’t they all? I wrote it seven months after she was born.”

However, the 33-year-old, who this week returned to the UK stage at the iTunes Festival, admitted that becoming a parent has affected her after-show routine:

“It’s amazing to be back. I’ve been pining for a stage. But having a baby changes the logistics of touring. I don’t hang out with my bandmates at the bar any more.”




Watch Pink perform at the iTunes Festival below: