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Caroline Flack: 'I'm dating again but still close with the brilliant Harry Styles'

Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack has revealed that while she is "single and happy", she has started to date again following her relationship with the One Direction heartthrob.

Speaking to Look magazine, the stylish presenter explained that it took a lot to put herself back out there after the negativity she was met with once news of her romance with Styles had spread, but she is excited to move on:

"I'm single, happy and dating.  I'm not looking for anything, just having fun and if I find a connection with someone then I'll take it from there. We got very close for a time but that's between me and Harry. We are still friends, he's brilliant and so much fun."

Back in August, Flack told Fabulous magazine that she had been forced to move house after the much-talked about fling because the paparazzi constantly followed her and disrupted both her and her neighbours' lives:

"At my old place, the front door opened straight on to the street. And when you walk out and you've got 20 men staring at you with cameras… it was embarrassing. I'd see my neighbours and say: 'I'm so, so sorry'."




Watch Flack talk about her dalliance with the teen sensation on Celebrity Juice below: