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Crystal Castles slam Katy Perry: 'She's selling sex to vulnerable children and it's evil'

Electronic Canadian duo Crystal Castles have criticised modern pop acts for over-sexualising the youth of today and earmarked Katy Perry as the main culprit.

During an interview with the NME, member Alice Glass explained that Perry's merchandise, the provocative lyrics in her songs and her general look all sell sex and her main audience is young children, which she feels is "f**king evil":

"I think a lot of [pop stars] sell sex to children. I think a lot of kids are more sexualised now than they were years ago and I’m not sure it’s a coincidence."

“Like f**king Katy Perry spraying people with her f**ing d**k, her f**king c** gun c**ming on f**king children. And little girls, like six-year-old girls wearing a shirt with ‘I wanna see your (pea) cock’ on it.”

Keyboard player and producer Ethan Kath also chimed in, adding that Perry preys on vulnerable youngsters and gets away with it because she's a pop superstar: "On the merch for that [Katy Perry] song 'Peacock', the ‘Pea’ is on a different line so you don’t see it."

“She sells it to f**king children. It’s f**king evil. Don’t prey on vulnerable people like that. Don’t encourage little girls to get dressed up, to have cupcakes on their t**s to get people to lick them off, ‘cos that’s what you’re insinuating.”




Watch Perry's raunchy music video for 'California Gurls' below: