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Spice Girls fan evicted for playing 'Viva Forever' on repeat

Gavin Townroe, who lives in the Lenton area of Nottingham, has been slapped with an eviction notice for repeatedly playing music by the Spice Girls at a disrupting volume during antisocial hours.

The resident was given an ASBO after neighbours complained about his behaviour back in January 2012 and one of the people living nearby was even signed off from work sick due to a lack of sleep. He continued to repeat the offences and has now been told by Nottingham City Council that he has until February 4 to leave the premises and to pay £913 in damages.

Enforcement officer Wayne Cliff explained to the Daily Mail newspaper that Townroe's music was so loud, neighbours would physically leave their properties to get away from the noise: "Despite being warned, Mr Townroe had a total disregard for his neighbours. At times the volume was so loud residents would leave their properties to escape the music."

Salah Alsayed, one of the other residents in the area, added: "As well as the Spice Girls, it was different music too – rock, dance, R&B. I like music too – but not like that. Friday, Saturday, you don't mind, but seven days a week is very difficult to deal with. Sometimes it would happen at seven, eight o'clock in the morning – I don't mind the Spice Girls but not at that time in the morning."





Watch the Spice Girls' video for 'Viva Forever' below: