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Carly Rae Jepsen: 'My last album was rushed, I'll take my time with the new one to ensure it's stronger'

Canadian beauty Carly Rae Jepsen has admitted that she thinks her most recent album, 'Kiss', was rushed.

Speaking exclusively to Billboard about her debut offering, the star explained that she will definitely spend more time on her follow up record to ensure it's stronger:

"I think 'Kiss' was a bit of a rush so I think I'll be kind of taking my time to make sure what I'm putting out there next feels like the strongest thing I can make."

When asked about the writing process for her upcoming new album, the 'Call Me Maybe' hitmaker confessed that it began "the day (2012's) 'Kiss' was turned in". She also confessed that "three songs from the batch I've written on the road are keepers."

In addition to working with previous collaborator Benny Blanco on the project, Jepsen added that she will also enlist the musical help of "a lot of younger guys who are all Canadians and just really creative and have a lot going on."




Watch Jepsen's music video for 'Tonight I'm Getting Over You' below: