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Haim bassist 'almost died' onstage at Glastonbury

Este Haim of sister trio Haim seriously feared for her health whilst performing at Glastonbury yesterday (June 28).

During the Californian band’s festival appearance Este Haim fell ill and had to walk off stage.

She later rejoined her two sisters and explained to the audience that the reason for her unexpected departure was that her blood sugar levels were running worryingly low as she forgot to eat prior to Haim’s live performance.

Speaking to NME after the incident Este said: "I almost died. We were in the middle of a song and I'm diabetic and I didn't eat before my set like a smart, good diabetic does, and I remember not being able to feel my arms, and I was like, 'This is not a normal feeling when I'm playing music.'"

She continued: "And I thought that I was gonna pass out and my eyes kind of glazed over at the end of the song and I had to go offstage because I thought that I was going to die in front of 25,000 people."

Haim’s Glastonbury appearance continued to be disrupted when a television screen at the side of the stage caught fire whilst the band were playing.

Arctic Monkeys headlined Glastonbury last night. The Rolling Stones are topping the bill tonight and Mumford and Sons will bring the festival to a close on Sunday. 





Watch the video for Haim's single 'Falling' below: