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Daft Punk “not afraid of doing something ridiculous”

Daft Punk have revealed that they have no fears of doing ridiculous things with their music.

The duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter mused on the success of their latest album ‘Random Access Memories’ recently, saying that they believe the key is in their optimism.

''We always want to break the system each time,” Bangalter told Q Magazine. “Usually the punk-rock thing is 'no future'. But right now, the world is in a very pessimistic, depressed, big crisis - politically, artistically, socially. So in a cynical, insecure, 'no future' state, the most punk-rock thing to do is say, 'Future!' We're not afraid of doing something ridiculous.'”

They attribute this mentality to the financial downturn and the wars in the Middle East. ''It's like people were in need of something to go towards. In a s****y state of reality, people want to laugh and party,” said Bangalter. “You either stay in the s**t and be cynical or you take an opportunity to enjoy life. So we're just helping out. Take 'Get Lucky' to the beach and have fun.''





Listen to the group’s monster hit ‘Get Lucky’ below: