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Azealia Banks cut Disclosure collaboration from her album because 'they were rude'

'212' sensation Azealia Banks has confirmed that the collaboration she recorded with Disclosure won't feature on her new album because they said something during a recent interview that she really didn't like. 

She confessed that the duo worked on a track with her that was meant to be included on 'Broke With Expensive Taste', but she has now decided to cut it because of their behaviour. Speaking to AU Review, Banks explained:

"I did something with Disclosure but they were really rude in an interview, so I canned it. I might leak it though, and to be honest, I've got better stuff on my record."

When asked if the duet could be a potential B-side, she joked: "Yeah, it can be an F-side – a F**k You-side."

Banks, meanwhile, also clashed with Gaga earlier this year after she criticised her new mermaid look, which she accused her of copying as she had used it on a previous tour. The pop icon then told press that Banks "has a bad attitude". 






Watch Banks' music video for 'Yung Rapunxel' below: