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Lucy Spraggan on James Arthur feud: 'I know James isn't a homophobe'

'X Factor' singer Lucy Spraggan has opened up about her public Twitter feud with James Arthur, which took place recently, and confessed that she knows he isn't homophobic, but wanted him to just be aware that using slurs is not acceptable. 

Posting her remarks to gay rights group Stonewall, Spraggan explained that she hit back at Arthur for using an offensive term in a rap battle because it's not right to get away with behaviour like that regardless of your position or level of fame: 

"There has been a lot of discussion around my tweets to James Arthur last week and I'd like to make my views clear."

"This is a sensitive subject and I want to clarify that, whilst I know James isn't a homophobe and I didn't intend for my tweets to be read that way, I did want to confront an issue that I feel really strongly about and which is what I had hoped to highlight."

"Homophobic language has sadly become so engrained into everyday conversation and people don't realise the discriminating and devastating effect it can have. Stonewall are carrying out an amazing campaign at the moment about the use of language which is something I fully support and I hope everyone takes the time to look into."






Watch Spraggan's video for 'Last Night (Beer Fear)' below: