Swiss all girl band land in London

Miracle Four : Fallen Star

Fallen Star (Good Deeds Music Ltd) is the brand new single from Switzerland’s Miracle Four.

Switzerland punches above its weight in a lot of departments: chocolate, cheese, wristwatches, tennis stars. But when it comes to putting pop acts on the international map, the country has not had much to shout about – until now.

Miracle Four is about to change all that. The new girl group comprising Alena, Amber, Arina and Emilia hail from the Alpine Rhine Valley where they have won over audiences with a refreshing blend of youthful talent and sophisticated musicianship. Further afield, their social media presence has helped to secure them a recording contract with the German label NB Germany, although the deal very nearly ended before it had begun.

NB Germany’s social media team first spotted the group on Instagram, prompting the label’s CEO Daniel Loitz to send an email expressing interest in seeing them play live. The message landed in the group’s junk mail folder where it sat, unseen, for about a month. Eventually, Loitz messaged them again via Instagram, urging them to check their emails. Finally, contact was made, and Loitz flew out to see their very next gig, at a youth club in a town called Mels. The gig was tiny but Loitz could see a huge potential.

The band arrive in London in October to play the following shows…

  • Sat 14th – Roadhouse, Covent Garden
  • Monday 16th - Groucho Club
  • Tuesday 17th - The Bedford
  • Wednesday 18th - The Vinyl Bar, Soho

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