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Marilyn Manson says he "never tried to be shocking"

Marilyn Manson has said that he never wanted to be shocking - he just wanted to confuse people.

Speaking to NME, Manson - who has a reputation for outlandish make up and imagery - said that he wants people to be confused by him so that it makes them think.

And making people think is one step towards change, he says. Manson told NME:

"I've never tried to be shocking. The only thing you can do is confuse people, because it makes them think. And the art of confusion and chaos is the way to make people think, the way to create a catalyst of change."

Manson also took time to speak about his new album 'Born Villain' - something which he says isn't exactly the most useful thing to use when impressing girls. He said:

"It's not the album you'd wanna put on a dating site - or something - it's not the way to get girls to like you. However, that is the way to get girls to like you, because people are attracted to danger. I am. When you go to an amusement park and [a sign on a ride] says 'Ride at your own risk', that's the first ride you're going to go on."




Watch the video for Marilyn Manson's 'No Reflection' below: