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Melanie C admits she's 'useless' around Madonna

Melanie C has admitted she feels ‘useless’ when in Madonna’s company.

The 38-year-old, who begins her ‘The Sea Live’ UK tour in Manchester on Saturday, told The Sun that she has met her musical hero on several occasions, but is such a fan that she still gets nervous around her:

'I've met Madonna a few times. She once called me in my hotel room to invite me to dinner - I was convinced it was one of the girls winding me up.

“I'm a bit useless in her company being such a fan. I think I may even have offended her once.''

The ‘Think About It’ singer, who recently confirmed that the Spice Girls will not be reuniting for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert, also revealed that she feels closer than ever to her former band-mates because of their varied career paths:

"Luckily, we aspire to different things and we're very proud of each other."




Watch the video for Mel C's last single, 'Weak,' below: