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Miley Cyrus: 'My mum gets really mad at me sticking my tongue out'

Miley Cyrus has admitted that her mum isn't too pleased when she sticks her tongue out.

The singer has gained a lot attention over the past year for her seeming love of poking her tongue out in pictures and in videos.

Speaking on Jay Leno's chat show, the 'We Can't Stop' star said that she does it because she gets embarrassed whilst having her photo taken.

However, she joked that her mother Tish doesn't like it because she doesn't show off her teeth.

Cyrus said: "My mom gets really, really mad because she's like 'I paid for your teeth to be straight, and all you do is that'."

She added: "It's because I don't like getting my picture taken, I kind of get embarrassed. You don't see it, on the red carpet the people taking your pictures are yelling at you and it gets you a little nervous. They're screaming. I don't know what to do so I just stick my tongue out because I don't know what else to do. People are doing it, Madonna's doing it, so it's all good."






Watch Miley Cyrus talk to Jay Leno below: