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N-Dubz’s Tulisa speaks out on student fees

Tulisa Contostavlos took to Twitter today to vent her frustrations at the British government and their move to raise tuition fees in the UK.

The 22-year-old N-Dubz star revealed her outrage at the rising costs, writing: “I've stayed quiet 4 2 long, I can't believe that the government have got away with putting up university fees! How dare they think it’s acceptable 2 keep the poor poor and the rich rich, when employment is at the lowest its ever been, people don't choose the background they come from, why is it ok 2 take away any opportunity they have 2 make something of themselves! It’s disgusting!”

Although admitting to not being the most politically informed, the singer then went on to threaten a campaign and even tweeted the National Union of Students asking how she could get involved.

Watch a clip of the crew from 'Being N-Dubz' below: