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N-Dubz's Tulisa lost her virginity at 14

N-Dubz's Tulisa revealed that in order to escape bullying at school she fell "in with this really hard crowd" and became "troublesome". 

The 'Playing With Fire' singer and current X Factor judge explained to Style magazine that becoming bad herself was the only way out and at least she was "content being protected":

"My way of getting out of it was getting in with this really hard crowd - the hardest of the hard in the area. We were a wild bunch of girls but I was content being protected."

"Yeah we did naughty things. We pinched a couple of handbags and got into fights I wasn't part of a girl gang though, we were just a bunch of troublesome chicks."

She also opened up about what she got up to as a teen and revealed that she lost her virginity at the young age of 14:

"It was naughty, people were smoking [marijuana] on their lunch break. I was one of the lucky ones to keep my virginity as long as I did. There were kids s**gging in the toilets at the age of 12 in the break time."

"When did I lose my virginity? I can't say too long, I was about to turn 15. It's the environment we're from, it becomes normal."

Watch a recent interview with Tulisa below: