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Nicki Minaj: "In a lot of ways I am shy"

Nicki Minaj has revealed that she can actually be quite shy at times.

The singer and rapper is best known for her colourful hairdos and often outlandish attire, but speaking to Complex magazine, she reiterated her stage persona doesn't translate into real life.

She said that her personality hasn't changed since she became famous, conceding that she never liked going clubbing or going out. She said:

"I'm the biggest homebody. But I've been like this. Nothing about me has changed since I got fame. I never liked to go to clubs. I never liked to go out. I don't know where that public craziness came from. I was always like a comedian to my friends and family, but in a lot of ways I'm shy. I think people read my shyness as being mean. They misinterpret it."

Minaj also revealed her dislike for rehearsing and her penchant for improvisation. When asked if she rehearses face and body movements, she replied:

"No, I hate rehearsing. I never rehearse what I'm gonna do in a video. It's just that I have this love-hate relationship with the camera. I wanna please the camera so bad. The perfectionist in my brain is like, 'You have to be on.' I always want to feel like I gave everything my all and never, never, never exhibit laziness."




Watch Nicki Minaj give an interview about her upcoming album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' below: