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Nicki Minaj wants to be a strong role model for "little girls"

Nicki Minaj believes that as long as she manages to inspire her young fans her career is worth her time.

The 'Starships' hitmaker explained to MTV News that her path to stardom proves that nothing is out of reach and she hopes to continue spreading a positive message to her devoted followers:

"If there's one thing I want people to take away from it, it's just that little girls can aspire to be anything, and that's all I want people to see."

"Whether you follow Nicki Minaj's blueprint or not, just don't be afraid to experiment, and don't allow people to knock your hustle just 'cause it ain't something that you're used to seeing."

She added that being a female rapper puts her in a position of power and she hopes it influences "little girls" around the world:

"I like that I'm there because it gives little girls in Southside Jamica, Queens or South Africa or Brazil a moment to say, 'Oh wait, I can be a female rapper!". Yes, you really can."




Watch Minaj's music video for 'Stupid Hoe' below: