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Nicki Minaj hints at plans to release movie, book

Nicki Minaj has suggested that she is thinking about making a film and a book.

The 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' singer spoke to Digital Spy about her male alter-ego Roman Zolanski and opened up about her ideas for some spin-off projects.

Minaj has already announced that she is due to release a Minaj fragrance, and when asked if she might bring out a male Roman Zolanski fragrance, she replied:

"Yeah, that would freakin' be amazing. I'm actually working on something like that, but don't tell anyone! Definitely with the movie and I was thinking about a book as well."

She continued: "I feel like Roman represents a lot of people and it would be good to tell his story and therefore tell their story. So we'll see. People really gravitate towards Roman - he's a crazy little boy. I love him because he says what no-one else will say and so he's a good friend to have next to you."




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