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Nicki Minaj returns to Twitter

'Super Bass' superstar Nicki Minaj has returned to Twitter after a 9-day break from the popular social networking site.

The rapper originally had in excess of 11 million followers, but now (April 24 at 10.45pm BST) her online fanbase has dropped to a little over 550,000 although she hasn't yet sent out a message from the official account.

Earlier this week, Minaj explained her decision to quit Twitter and revealed that she was sick of the music-leaking community along with the fact that people took it personally if she didn't return their follows:

"I miss my Barbz. Do I actually miss Twitter? No, but I do miss my babies. Before the album came out I saw them tweeting away exclusive leaks off my album. And I was like, 'Well if you made a fan page I would imagine that you actually are my fan you care about me and you wouldn't want to do something like that'."

"So I just unfollowed them. I didn't say anything mean about them I just unfollowed them."




Watch Minaj's music video for 'Stupid Hoe' here: