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Nicola Roberts will meet with education secretary to tackle cyber bullying

Nicola Roberts has revealed that she will be meeting with education secretary Michael Gove soon to discuss ways to combat bullying. 

The pop singer has often talked about how she was the victim of taunts at school and even suffers criticism now as an adult so it's a matter close to her heart.

She was in attendance at the Diana Award National Anti-Bullying Conference at London's Canary Wharf yesterday, November 14, and told The Evening Standard newspaper:

"I went from being at school and being really happy and having no problems, to it getting more personal. I want to meet with Michael Gove and find out what networks and support systems are in place. Speaking out about bullying is seen as not a cool thing to do but that mentality needs to change."

She also opened up about the more modern problem of cyber bullying and added that she regularly hears stories from her fans who are targeted online:

"In schools now it's so out of control, I'd really like to speak to somebody. There needs to be more of a support system. I get 'Tweets' every day: 'I'm terrified to go to school'. You're helpless, it's really hard."

"Cyber bullying is a way of getting to somebody at all times. It's not just at school, it can get to someone when they are at home, where they are supposed to feel the most safe."




Writing on her official Twitter page last night, November 14, Roberts told her followers that she can't wait to film her new video for 'Yo-Yo':

"I'm shooting my video for #Yoyo tomorrow.. I've told them to get me champagne for breakfast.. Coming out of my shell for this one.."

Check out her forthcoming new single below: