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Sarah Anne was born in the small town of Puyallup Washington.  She started performing at the young age of six and quickly proved herself as a triple threat as she dances, sings, and acts.  She loves musical theatre, because she gets to do all three at the same time and is said to be a strong comedic actress.  Styles of dance she is trained in are ballet (en pointe), tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and theatre dance.  Her voice ranges from a high 1st soprano down to a low alto range, giving her the flexibility to play with music.  She sings all of her own harmonies.  In her free time you'll either find her at Disneyland (as she's obsessed with anything Disney) or a dance studio!  She loves taking classes at Millennium Dance Complex and Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio in North Hollywood!  Her passion for the performing arts is evident as she endlessly lives every day pursuing it.

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