Classic with Sidney Poitier: Soundtrack From “Lilies of the Field” Available at Perseverance Records

The soundtrack from the movie “Lilies of the Field,” starring Sidney Poitier, is available again — and at Perseverance Records exclusively. With 14 tracks composed by Jerry Goldsmith (“Amen,” ad-libbed in the movie by Sidney Poitier, is performed by Jester Hairston), the CD has a running time of roughly 32 minutes and is available at a price of $12.98. The CD is limited to just 3,000 units and after that they’ll be gone.

Robin Esterhammer, owner of Perseverance Records, says: “We are happy to include this classic in our program. Jerry Goldsmith was an outstanding composer who enriched numerous blockbusters by his music and contributed a lot to their success.”


In “Lilies of the Field,” Sidney Poitier plays an unemployed construction worker (Homer Smith) who heads out west and stops at a remote farm in Arizona. The Catholic nuns living there are convinced that Homer was sent by God to build a church in the middle of the desert.

“Lilies of the Field” was nominated for an Oscar in six categories. Sidney Poitier won an Oscar for Best Actor, the first time a black actor ever received this award. Jerry Goldsmith, who died in 2004, received an Oscar for the soundtrack from “The Omen” in 1977, followed by 17 additional Oscar nominations.

This CD will be available only in the US and Canada for licensing reasons, as well as a download on various providers.

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About the Film

Original title: Lilies of the Field

Director: Ralph Nelson

Running time: 94 min

Release date: 10/01/1963 (USA)

Actors (among others): Sidney Poitier (Homer Smith), Lilia Skala (Mother Maria), Lisa Mann (Sister Gertrude), Isa Crino (Sister Agnes), Francesca Jarvis (Sister Albertine), Pamela Branch (Sister Elizabeth), Dan Frazer (Father Murphy)

Track Listing:

1. Main Title 1:53

2. Homer Returns 1:34

3. The Roof 1:16

4. Homer Awakes / Breakfast 3:12

5. Feed the Slaves / Drive to Mass 1:37

6. Amen / Sunday Morning / Amen 3:59

7. The Contractor 2:28

8. Out of Bricks 1:08

9. No Hammer / Return of the Prodigal 4:21

10. Lots of Bricks / Aid Given / Aid Rejected 6:53

11. Amen 2:18

12. End Title / End Cast 1:26

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