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Peter Andre speaks of heartbreak over brother's cancer battle

Television personality and singer Peter Andre has spoken publicly about his brother's battle with cancer and how it's affecting him personally. 

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker told of his heartache over his brother Andrew's ill health in his latest New! magazine colummn and explained that watching the ordeal first hand has shown him how much impact the disease has on families:

"These last 10 days have given me a whole new respect for families who are living with cancer. Andrew has been unbelievably strong but he's understandably terrified, as are his wife and daughter Thea."

"He's such a good guy - one of the kindest I know. We've always been close and I've always looked up to him. He doesn't deserve this as he's so healthy and really looks after himself. Then again, who does deserve it? I've realised that you only live once and should appreciate every day."

He also added that family always comes first and he will return to Australia as soon as his brother needs him, regardless of his work commitments in the UK: "He's having two major operations in the next couple of days. After that the doctors can do tests to see if it has spread anywhere else. I'm hoping and praying it hasn't spread but if it has, I'll fly Down Under immediately to be with him."

"I'm so close to all my family and at times like this you realise how much people mean to you."

Watch Andre's music video for 'Defender' here: