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Peter Andre devastated after discovering his brother's cancer has spread

Peter Andre has spoken out about his devastation following the news that his brother's cancer has spread. 

The singer, father and television personality recently revealed that his brother, Andrew, had been diagnosed with the disease, but in his latest column has explained that it is worse than they originally though and "it's the outcome we (the family) were all dreading":

"Sadly, we've not had a great week and Andrew's test results weren't good at all. Unfortunately the cancer has spread and it's the outcome we were all dreading. We're trying very hard to stay positive but it's really knocked us all for six and, if I'm honest, I'm not dealing with it very well."

"I don't mind admitting that there have been quite a few tears on my part. But it doesn't matter how I feel, I just care about how Andrew feels."

He added: "When someone in my family suffers, we all suffer. It's hard to see a sibling go through something so awful."

Watch Andre talk about the importance of family below: