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Peter Andre to move brother in during cancer treatment

Peter Andre's brother will be moving to England to live with him so that he can give him support while he goes through treatment for cancer. 

The singer and television personality revealed in his New! magazine column that after recently discovering his brother's cancer had spread, he decided to bring Andrew to the UK so that he can take care of him during chemotherapy:

"They're going to live with me and my other brothers Mike, Danny and Chris in my house and we're going to look after him while he has treatment. My parents, who live in Australia, are nearly 80 and I really don't want them to see Andrew going through the chemotherapy and all that stuff."

"My dad had such terrific treatment over here when he was ill last year, so he knows that it's the best place for Andrew. I'm going to build a small extension onto my house so there's room for everyone!'' Watch Andre's music video for 'Defender' below: