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Peter Andre says his brother is thankful for raising cancer awareness in his 'My Life' reality show

Peter Andre has revealed that his brother Andrew is thankful that his reality show, 'My Life', deals so openly with his cancer battle.

The television star's sibling is currently battling liver cancer and while certain aspects of his illness are very much private, Andrew is glad that Peter has addressed it on the show because it raises awareness and might help other people through it.

In his New! magazine column, the 'Defender' singer and personality explained:

"Things are still very up and down with Andrew but that's to be expected when you're having chemo. One minute you feel OK and the next minute you feel rotten."

"After he watched my reality show last week, he said he was chuffed I was being so open about his illness, and he said he wants to do an interview about it once he's better. I'm going to hold him to that." Watch Andre talk about his brother's health during a recent interview below: