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Peter Andre says he would "feel guilty" being happy whilst brother battles cancer

Peter Andre has admitted that he isn't wanting to get into a relationship at the moment because he would "feel guilty" if he was happy.

Andre is currently doing all he can to help his brother Andrew in his fight with cancer, and recently spoke of how he is trying to keep positive.

Speaking to new! magazine, Andre said that that it is not "right" to be looking for a relationship at the moment due to his brother's plight. He said:

"I really can't get into a relationship right now. I know it sounds strange, but I feel guilty being happy. It doesn't feel right."

Andre however did speak about any future liaisons with women, stating his request that they would wash off any fake tan before they consummate their relationship. He said:

"I'd be hoping that if we were going to bed, she'd have had a shower and washed it off! I'd like to think someone's clean. But if they smell of fake tan, it's not going to be the most tasty of sessions is it!" Watch Peter Andre speak before speaking at the Oxford Union below: