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Peter Andre hit by online virus, says his "Twitter has a cold"

Peter Andre is the latest celebrity to have his official Twitter account targeted by a virus.

The 'Mysterious Girl' star took to the social networking site earlier today (May 1) and apologised to his fans for the strange messages that have been sent out from there recently, adding that he thinks it was a virus rather than a hacker:

"Hey Dudes and dudettes :) My account keeps getting hacked. Please pay no attention to this weird weight loss thing that keeps appearing. I've changed my password twice . This must be a virus thing again . I knew the weather was crap ; even my Twitter has a cold."

Although his Twitter page appears to be suddenly promoting weight loss products, Andre wrote in his New! magazine column (May 1) that after a recent night out he made a stop at a popular fast food chain and indulged himself:

"I was really naughty and went to McDonald’s on the way home (from Sugar Hut nightclub in Essex) and had two cheeseburgers, fries and a large cola!" Watch footage of Andre at Meadowhall Shopping Centre from when he took part in the world record attempt for the the most number of children read to by an adult in 24 hours here: