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Peter Andre says he might start writing erotic novels

Peter Andre has hinted that he could try his hand at writing erotic novels.

E.L. James' book Fifty Shades Of Grey has captured the hearts and minds of females across the world recently and it seems Andre is getting a bit jealous.

Speaking to new! magazine, Andre said that he doesn't know "what the heck is going on" regarding the book, but he feels men are missing out nonetheless.

However, he reckons he might take up the pen to give men something to read about. He said:

"Everyone's talking about the book Fifty Shades Of Grey, and us guys are feeling like we're missing out! Even on my Twitter feed, people are talking about it and I don't know what the heck's going on!"

He continued: "Can I read it or is it just for girls? Help me out! Thinking about it, I might write my own version of the book, just for blokes." Watch Peter Andre speak to the Oxford Union below: