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Pete Wentz will release Black Cards album in summer

Pete Wentz has announced that his new band, Black Cards, will release their debut album this summer. 

He revealed this new project last year after Fall Out Boy confirmed their undefined hiatus back in 2009 and recently performed at America's Bamboozle festival with the outfit, which is made up of Bebe Rexha, Nate Patterson and Spencer Peterson with Wentz on bass and backup vocals. 

Speaking to Spin magazine, he explained the band is making great progress with the songwriting:

"We have a whole Black Cards album done, and now we're just writing more songs that might beat out some of the existing songs."

"There are also a couple of new songs that aren't even finished yet that could make it on the record,"

He also made it clear that Black Cards isn't a second-rate version of Fall Out Boy, adding:

"I think people expect us to ride in on Fall Out Boy's coattails but it's so different. It's like the dude in the pop punk band goes and makes a pop album that you're supposed to, like, smoke wacky tobacckey on the beach to, you know?"

Watch a recent interview with the band here: