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Pink asks press to respect privacy of her new daughter Willow

New mum Pink has released a statement on her website detailing why she wants the press to respect the privacy of her new born daughter, Willow Sage. The singer doesn’t want any photos to be taken of her daughter without her permission and calls upon the public to support her decision. 

The ‘open letter’ details Pink and her husband, Carey Hart’s, disappointment that America is “the only country” who do not blur out babies/children’s faces in published photos circulating in the media.

Pink explains:  "Like any parents, we believe our little girl deserves the right to have privacy and be protected, but unfortunately, this media climate doesn't seem to provide for that…It's one thing to harass and stalk us, the adults, the celebrity that signed up for this life, but children should be protected and safe. There should be a clear distinction between us."

"To anyone out there that buys a magazine, or goes onto a website to look at pictures of other people's children, may you at least think for a second about what you may inadvertently be supporting…We are so appreciative that people are interested in seeing our daughter. We WANT to share our joys with you, but as parents (and new parents), we should be able to govern these decisions, shouldn't we? And to be clear, I'm speaking directly to these "stolen" photographs - paparazzi photos."

Pink also stressed that the money made from photos herself and Carey released went to charity.

Watch the interview with Pink on T4, below: