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Did Rod Stewart wear the trousers?

There are law suits and frivolous law suits. And law suits which take an oddly long time coming.

Latest in the latter category is the one filed against Rod Stewart by designer Karen Matthews alleging that Stewart has not paid up for clothes she was commissioned to design for his wedding to Penny Lancaster in 2007.

A representative for Matthews told TMZ, “The clothes were never paid for in full and (Rod) kept the rest of the clothes without ever returning what hadn’t been paid for."

A publicist For Stewart (who will play eight shows at Las Vegas's Caesars Palace in November) responded, telling TMZ, "(Stewart's wedding suit) wasn't produced on time and was ill-fitting and totally unusable. He had to buy a proper suit at the last minute."

The matter will be resolved in court in November.

Watch a vintage video of Stewart, performing 'Hot Legs' below: