Introducing: Marco Mestichella

‘TROUBLED WATER’ EP Released 21st May via Musicraiser


Moving from a small village in the Abruzzo region of Italy (with a population of just 300) to the metropolis of London in 2009 at the age of 18, singer-songwriter and producer Marco Mestichella has spent the last six years developing his self-described “Illpop" style - a blend of pop, rock and electronica that encompasses both downtempo and dance oriented tracks.

It was only after meeting his current producer, Joe Rodwell, that his sound started to acquire a more definitive shape and after studying under legendary Gramme bassist Luke Hannam he finally felt artistically and personally understood.

Citing influence from Massive Attack, Madonna, Moby, Portishead, Morcheeba and Hoovephonic, his 2013 release ‘The Day I Killed My Ego’ was an introspective and cinematic debut that bore all the hallmarks of a star in the making, scooping him The British Academy of New Music Artist of The Year Award 2013.

Forthcoming EP ‘Troubled Water’ is the next logical step that presents him in a fresher, more upbeat light – a vivacious record whose narrative urges the listener to break into life, establish themselves and achieve something.

“I am particularly proud of this record as it represents exactly what I am right now. It describes the different realities we live in, covering both the physical sphere and the spiritual sphere and mixing them together. There’s something for the mind, the soul and the body.”

“As an artist I think it's essential to find that balance between being eccentric and letting go. It took me ages to figure out how I was going to express myself creatively. When I am making a record, I always think of it as a movie. There must be a story behind it, a theme or some sort of narrative. A lot of my influences come from old Italian movies from the neo-realism era. I truly feel like a director trapped into a musician's body."

Mestichella is currently raising funds for the EP on crowd-funding platform Musicraiser, you can support "Troubled Water" here.



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