THE ENEMY acoustic video of Saturday!

Recorded in London and LA with Joby J. Ford from seminal US punk band The Bronx, the new 12-track album from the band has the signature Enemy anthemic guitar sound yet it is much heavier than the last two albums. It is packed with huge songs from the catchy and forceful free download single ‘Gimme The Sign’ to the instantly catchy anthemic song ‘Bigger Cages (Longer Chains)’ to the melodic and punchy track ‘This Is Real’.

New single ‘Saturday’ is a summer anthem in the making with a singalong chorus that is just made to be chanted from the football stadium to the festival fields to the pub on a night out. The Enemy are set to make their mark again in 2012 and ‘Streets in the Sky’ is just the start. The video for ‘Saturday’ can be seen here -
Fans can purchase the album here:
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