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Robbie Williams was charged £1 per call to use Gary Barlow's phone

Robbie Williams has revealed that he hasn't owned a mobile phone for years and his bandmate Gary Barlow used to charge him to use his. 

The 'Angels' singer was interviewing Barlow for his new radio show, Rudebox Radio, and joked about how he always had to borrow other people's phones. Soon after, Barlow recalled that he used to charge Williams £1 per call:

"I was thinking of charging you but I thought that I can't do that again. It used to be a quid per phone call. Can you imagine what it would be now?"

So far, Williams has only released one episode of Rudebox Radio but promised fans "I'm going to get another one together, but I'm chocka block in the studio recording the new album still". 

Watch the pair's video for their collaborative single, 'Shame', here: