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Robbie Williams: 'I feel for Harry Styles'

Robbie Williams has revealed that he feels for Harry Styles because of the press intrusion into his personal life.

The 38-year-old, who this week premiered the video to new single, 'Candy,' told The Sun that things were very different when he was growing up with Take That:

“I feel a bit for Harry. At his age I was in this lilywhite boyband, Take That. But I was meeting up with mates, jumping out of the tour bus and into a Transit van at motorway service stations all around the country.

“Whenever I had the chance to go clubbing, I went. I’d go to Miss Moneypenny’s in Birmingham, I’d go to the Hacienda in Manchester.

“It’s not a secret any more but I would get off my face and have complete anonymity. No one had a camera phone so I could go and enjoy myself properly. Harry is finding out it’s not so easy for him.”

The 'Angels' star, who releases his ninth solo album, ‘Take The Crown,’ in November, went on to add that he's a big fan of One Direction:

“It’s only natural a lad in a boyband will be compared to me at some point. Everybody is a ladies’ man or a man’s man, whatever your persuasion might be. He’s just having a nice time. I see Harry through bitter-getting-old-and-married-and-can’t-do-all-of-that-any-more eyes.

“Also, I’ve got a lot of love for him and One Direction. On the pie chart, the love outweighs the bitterness — but the bitterness is in there too.”




Watch the video for Robbie Williams' 'Candy' below: